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Fast. Simple. Furious is a Low Code Trading Platform for AI Financial Time series exploration & Data Enrichment


How Deep Learning Works?

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Why is deep learning superior to any hard coded strategy? Hard coded strategies won't learn from past failures and will keep making the same mistakes. Team

Simplify the Building Process,
Build Trading Models that Perform

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Simplified to scale

Straightforward way of building blocks of the ML/DL 

Training , Backtest

and inference of
Live Trading

Effortless Research

Validate a quantitative investment approach with a user-friendly interface.

Optimized Performance

Complete strategy research in a fraction of the time and focus on the data that brings the highest ROI.

Bridge ML/DL
& Trading

Empower your strategies and leverage models created by data scientists with unprecedented ease and accessibility.

Test Faster , Deploy with ease

Empower your quants and traders to be profoundly more productive.


Trading on Steroids 

Trade Ready

Plug & Play with Metatrader 5 or 4 Brokers , Crypto Exchanges & Interactive Brokers and more. Train-Test, Paper Trade, Live Trade your strategies on the fly.

RealTime Market Data

Access historical and real-time market data for FX Pairs and indices from over 60 global exchanges – as well as Forex brokers & Cryptocurrency exchanges from multiple sources.

Complete Freedom

Trade on 20+ brokers and exchanges using the Drag n' drop interface to develop deep learning strategies of your choice.


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Join our Community of Quant traders using our low code DL/ML  platform for Trading Agents  , exploring financial time series and more!

Wuv85n.png uses  Machine Learning & Deep Learning for time series exploration and deployment. offers the first true end-to-end ML / DL trading solution with a focus on deep learning applied to unstructured data. At our base deeptrade is web app for algo trading with ML/DL capabilities.

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